Nikolay A. Kharitonov

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Skype: nick.haritonov



Date of birth: September 29, 1981 (33 years)

Place of residence: Voronezh, Russian Federation (able to relocate)

Citizenship: Russia

EU Work Permit: absent



Obtain a position as a senior developer or team lead in IT department. Improve professionally and utilize my current experience of software development.



2 years of experience as .NET developer

4 years of experience as PHP-based web developer

5 years of experience as JavaScript/jQuery developer

2 years of experience as C++ developer

9 years of experience as Windows AD system administrator

4 years of experience as UNIX (FreeBSD, Linux) administrator

1 year of experience as Team Lead

Advanced skills of refactoring

Base skills of reverse engineering


Computer skills:

Languages: C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, python, UNIX shellscript

Databases: MS SQL Server, mysql, PostgreSQL

Operating systems: Windows (server and workstation), Linux (RHEL/CentOS, openSUSE, Debian), Mac OS X (workstation)

Software: git, svn, TFS, JIRA


Job Experience:

DataArt (

May 2014 — Present

  • May 2014 — Present:  Participated in refactoring of SendWordNow project as senior .NET developer

Technologies: .NET (C#), SQLite

Skills: Performance improvement, unit/integration test

Lognetix Project (

August 2013 — April 2014

  • August 2013 — April 2014: Participated in starting development process as development manager

Technologies: .NET (C#), JavaScript (jQuery), MS SQL Server (T-SQL included), WCF

Skills: Development management, building development infrastructure, architecture, code review, teaching

 Interfax Information Services Group (

May 2012 — November 2013

  • July 2012 — November 2013: Participated in development, support and refactoring of e-Disclosure project as team lead

  • May 2012 — July 2012: Participated in development of IFX project (3 developers) as senior developer

Technologies: .NET (C#), JavaScript (jQuery), MS SQL Server (T-SQL included)

Skills: Architecture, unit/integration tests, TDD, code review, teaching, interviewing


“Spartak” cinema (

April 2003 — May 2012

Was responsible for IT infrastructure of cinema as System Administrator (from planning to support)

Technologies: company-wide Active Directory, Windows-based HA-cluster, UNIX (FreeBSD, Linux) servers as Internet Gateway/proxy/mail server/etc.


Developed of company’s web site (including integration with ticket system)

Developed several company-specific utilities (e.i. tool for making sound file for answerphone based on films schedule from ticket system’s database)

Technologies: PHP, MySQL, MS SQL Server, XML/XSLT


“Viplast” building company

October 2000 — April 2003

Participated in users’ support.

Technologies: Active Directory, Windows workstations (95 to XP)

Skills: troubleshooting, psychological support


Personal Experience:

Robomod (

October 2014 — Present

Participated in development and support as project maintainer and developer.

Technologies: Unity3D, C#, CIL

Skills: usability, security research, reverse engineering, metaprogramming


Ingress “broot” mod (

July 2013 — November 2014

Participated in development and support as project maintainer, lead developer and community leader (2000+ members).

Technologies: Java, smali, python

Skills: reverse engineering, deobfuscating


“JustSite” content management system (

July 2009 — Present

Participated in planning, design, development and support as ideologist and lead developer

Technologies: PHP (with Yii framework), MySQL, ActionScript

Skills: Architecture

“Lucid” private Minecraft game server (closed)

June 2011 — October 2011

Was server’s maintainer (deploying, support)

Participated in modding of game’s server and client as reverse engineer and developer

Participated in planning, developing and implementing of global quest for server (major changes to world generator, implementing missing game features for quest)

Technologies: Java (modding), PHP (server’s website), UNIX (hosting)

Skills: reverse engineering, deobfuscating, support


“Myth” MUD game server (closed)

2004 — 2007

Participated in server’s development as project leader and developer

Technologies: C++, LUA, XML, XSLT, scaffolding

Skills: cross-platform development, cross-platform debugging and troubleshooting, team management (3 to 6 people)



2000 — 2006, Voronezh State University

Applied Mathematics And Mechanics Department



English, Russian (native)

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